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Polski kamien naturalny


The company Polski Kamień Naturalny Mucharz Skawce Sp. z o. o deals with the extraction and processing of the krośnieński sandstone, known as the “Mucharz Sandstone”.

This is fine-grained sandstone of a bluish gunmetal grey colour. The exploitation of the “Mucharz-Górka” deposit dates back to 1953 when local people started extracting the stone for their own purposes. Since 2007, our company has been the owner of the “Mucharz-Górka” deposit and after obtaining the licence and permits, we started the extraction and processing of the stone material.

Due to its original colour and excellent physical and chemical properties, the “Mucharz Sandstone” is currently one of the most attractive stone materials used in the construction industry. The nobility of our stone is supported with its subtle simplicity and gives a wide scope of applications, irrespectively of style or design.