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Our goods are made of the “Mucharz” sandstone or other, previously agreed on, materials. Samples of goods can slightly differ in colour from whole batches of materials. Extracted and processed stone materials are of a natural origin. They can have some discolourations and small differences in a form of a subtle shade of colour, salt veins, a mouse, a cancer, a cloud, a stain of rust, marls, insects’ holes or differences in granulation. This type of marks proves that the product is of a natural origin, it does not mean the product is faulty; thus, they do not give any grounds for complaints or return of a purchased unit as well as they do not result in decreasing the price.


The company immediately replies to a a customer request with a written offer including important terms and conditions of sale. If the customer accepts the offer, it is required to submit a written order with a number and date of the offer stated. Submitting an order by a customer is tantamount with accepting general terms and conditions of sale (available at www.kamieniolom-mucharz.pl or at the headquarters of the company Polski Kamień Naturalny). In case of accepting an order for execution, an execution date is given.


Transaction prices for our goods, services and packaging are based on a current pricelist. In case of goods not included in the pricelist, the prices are calculated individually. Payment terms stipulated in an accepted order or contract are binding, and in any other case: an advance payment in the amount of 30 % before execution and 70 % before receipt is required.


Our Company produces goods in compliance with PN-EN standards, Polish standards, company standards and other standards agreed on with a customer. We mark our goods in compliance with the requirements for construction goods and upon customer request, we issue a Declaration of Compliance.


A customer is obliged to perform a quantitative acceptance on the delivery date and a qualitative acceptance not later than within 3 days after the delivery and within the same periods to immediately inform the Supplier in writing of found quantity shortages or quality faults. Our company considers a properly submitted complaint within 14 days after receiving it. Costs of all activities performed in order to consider the complaint that has not been accepted are borne by the customer. Submitting a complaint does not affect the customers obligation to pay the price. We are not held liable for construction faults resulting from faults in the project’s technical documentation, faults caused by faulty use (assembly) of materials, faults caused during transport. Goods fixed or moved to a place other than the delivery address are not subject to a complaint.


Produced goods are packed in compliance with generally accepted principles. Uncut slabs are packed on stands delivered by a customer; whereas: cut slabs, special bricklaying stone, elements formatted – on disposable pallets. Blocks and solids are put on disposable bases or bases delivered by a customer. We provide a customer with a free of charge loading. Material sold loose is loaded on a self-unloading vehicle. Goods packed on pallets and stands – on box cars.